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Smoked salmon

It's the ultimate smoked salmon. It is the flavour of the open sea seasoned with the clean air of the Faeroe Islands, the taste of marinating with salt and sugar always alternating, the smell of smoking with beech from the Apennines, as unusual as it is sweet and gentle. It is the smoked salmon with few fat and exceptional lightness.

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UP.5, tranches of smoked salmon

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Smoked salmon different from all the others

The Upstream smoked salmon is the result of a high class chain of extensive farming.

It's a prime salmon. The healthy diet of the fish and its freedom of movement means that it can have lean mass instead of fat mass. There's no trace of hormones or antibiotics, there's no room for stress, ever.

The smoking is sweet, more delicate than the traditional ones, made with beech wood from the Emilian Apennines. No strong aromas, no conventional sensations.

From the Fær Øer to  Parma

Upstream smoked salmon comes from marine areas with some of the strictest aquaculture veterinary standards in the world. We are in the waters of the Faroe Islands, in the environment desired by the fish because it is here that the wild Atlantic salmon arrives after leaving the rivers of Europe, grows there and stays there until it comes back to spawn.

With the Upstream Non intensive Control System, the salmon remains in its natural space, free to move; the fish is not placed under stress and is followed by strict food, veterinary and health monitoring. It is a salmon protected by constant measurement of water quality, with total restoration of the production site after each rearing cycle, maximum density control in the pens.

It is the ultimate smoked salmon, that comes from the Faeroe Islands to Parma to be processed following Claudio Cerati's specification, smoked in a unique way, and that finally becomes certified goodness.

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