Tartare 150 g

All the goodness, ready to be tasted

The salmon tartare contains all the flavours of the side. It is a ready dish, presented in small pieces cut with a knife. A fresh and versatile product, the smoked salmon tartare is perfect for quick and easy preparations.

Weight: 150 g

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Salmon grown in the open sea, fed naturally, without antibiotics and GMOs.
Salmon (Salmo salar), sugar and sea salt.


The salmon tartare is skinless vacuum-packed inside the elegant black and silver Upstream box.


For proper preservation during transport, the tartare is placed in isothermal polystyrene containers together with ice gel with special packaging film for food products.


Fresh product, without preservatives, to be kept in the refrigerator at a temperature between 2 and 4 °C.
Expires in 30 days.


Salmon tartare easily becomes the main ingredient of original dishes, such as delicious salads. It can also be enjoyed with a drop of peat whisky and a grated fresh ginger or with tropical fruit.

For gourmet preparations follow the chef's suggestions in the Upstream recipe book.

Salmon tartare

Salmon tartare is obtained from finely chopped sides. The operation -carried out with a knife - ensures that the pieces retain the original qualities of the cut from which it is obtained: the different flavours and aromas encountered in the side remain.

The high quality, lightness and delicacy of Upstream salmon are presented in many small pieces that become a simple but refined dish.

The flavours of the smoked salmon tartare belong to the fish by nature and partly derive from marinating and smoking, carried out by Upstream in a very unique way. For marinating, small quantities of sea salt and sugar are alternated; for smoking, beech from the Emilian Apennines is used, specifically thought to guarantee its delicacy.

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