Millefoglie 100 g

The classic cut, with a new presentation

Millefoglie in the sparkling summer PINK package, are soft slices taken from the classic cut. With a perfect balance between sweetness and flavour, and ready to use, the salmon slices become a gastronomic wild card to keep on hand in the refrigerator.

Weight: 100 g

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Salmon grown in the open sea, fed naturally, without antibiotics and GMOs.
Atlantic salmon (salmo salar) 97%.
Sea salt and sugar 3%.


The salmon millefoglie are skinless in a vacuum-packed bag, inside the exclusive Upstream pink packaging.


For proper preservation during transport, the millefoglie is placed in isothermal polystyrene containers together with ice gel with special packaging film for food products.


Fresh product, without preservatives, to be kept in the refrigerator at a temperature between 2 and 4 °C.
Expires in 30 days.


Practical and ready to serve, the salmon slices are perfect for filling tasty club sandwiches and gourmet sandwiches or on eggs Benedict style.

For excellent preparations, follow the chef's suggestions in the Upstream recipe book.

Salmon millefoglie

With the millefoglie, the classic salmon is offered in slices. It is the alternative for those who want to enjoy the stronger taste of this cut in soft slices of salmon.

We find the more prominent aroma of smoking and the greater intensity of flavour that characterize the classic cut together with the delicacy and lightness of the meat, with very little fat.

Upstream salmon slices have a balanced and natural taste thanks also to the marinating carried out with small quantities of sea salt and sugar alternated and to the smoking made with beech wood from the Emilian Apennines, specifically thought to guarantee its delicacy.

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