From Parma to the Faroe islands and back.

Upstream is a philosophy, a lifestyle, an approach aimed at innovation and the discovery of new experiences to surprise and amaze. It is an alternative, non-linear path, the only direction to follow to achieve something different, far from conventional systems and acquired tastes. This is the meaning of the word Upstream, the spirit with which Claudio Cerati fulfils his dream of making the best salmon in the world. How? Starting with leaving things where they belong, out of clichés.

This is how it rises the current and, from Parma, arrives to the Faroe Islands. There he brings his unique method, the 'Non Intensive' Control System, the result of passion and refinement, instinct and wisdom, without compromise.

Between Scotland and Iceland, in the Danish Faeroe archipelago, salmons live in their natural habitat, free to move in large spaces following a natural, healthy and controlled diet that gives the meat a remarkable balance of nutrients with only 8% fat. A documented supply chain, studied in every detail.

In Denmark the first processing of salmon takes place, it is all in the hands of a few trustworthy people who follow the Upstream method to the letter: filleting carried out to perfection; delicate marinating with salt and sugar, separated and never together, according to Claudio Cerati's recipe; smoking with beech wood from the Parma Apennines, the distinctive touch.

The circle closes in Parma, cradle of the method conceived by Upstream. Here the salmon arrives as it was intended and undergoes stringent quality controls that certify its organoleptic properties and total healthiness in order to be packaged with the maximum degree of perfection it deserves, ready to go off in new directions.