1 ~ Hymn to relaxation

Contraction and expansion are the two essentials to life movements that every organism performs millions and millions of times over the course of its existence. Contraction and expansion correspond to very precise and opposite moments. Any organism, in phases of discomfort or difficulty, contracts; in phases of well-being, it expands and relaxes. Far be it from us to continue in this description: we only wanted to underline that -at Upstream- we have always worked for the concept of relaxation.

2 ~ Parma, home of belcanto and good salmon too

Singing delights, gastronomic charms. A city famous worldwide for the pleasures of the pentagram and those of the table. However, not everyone knows how much salmon is loved in Parma: it has always been an object of worship for the city, such as Verdi’s arias or cured ham aged 24 months. Claudio Cerati grew from this passion with the desire to amaze gourmands by offering them a selected salmon, prepared directly by him, with the precise aim of making it unique, unrivalled.

3 ~ Claudio Cerati, from Emilia to the North Seas

Thus began, in the coldest and cleanest seas of Northern Europe, the search for the best salmon, kept in its natural environment, in controlled and large marine areas: where fish can move freely, and eat a balanced diet. These fish live without experiencing any stress, always healthy and lean. It is the ‘Non Intensive’ Control System, which Claudio and his collaborators implement to get a salmon not even remotely comparable to the farmed one; superior to the wild one thanks to the perfect combination of free movement and programmed diet, which ensures better flavour and greater health.

4 ~ Sugar, salt, beech

Slowly, with feeling. The processing steps take place with equal care and passion. First a careful marinating in separate phases, with a little sea salt and sugar. Then a delicate smoking process - which does not cover the flavour of the meat but enhances it - with beech wood from the Emilia Apennines, instead of the heavy woods of Northern Europe. The result is an elegant, soft salmon with a fresh and homogeneous taste in every part of the side. Unique in terms of lightness - with only 8% fat.

5 ~ No concession to the mainstream: this is how we are made

We love to go above and beyond, always offering something surprising and superior. For this reason we are always looking for new marine areas in the world where we can select the best salmon, faithful to the strict directives of the Non Intensive Control System. We love to choose, to find solutions that will satisfy the most refined palates, and also the great chefs. We love to move upstream, against the current to get a precious product.