Queen side 750 g

The perfect balance between texture and flavour

The Queen side is a mixture of taste, sweetness and delicacy, harmoniously distributed. It is simply a smaller version of Royal as it comes from smaller salmons, but retains the same nuances of flavour and texture.

Weight: 750 g

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Salmon grown in the open sea, fed naturally, without antibiotics and GMOs.
Salmon (Salmo salar), sugar and sea salt.


The salmon side, with its skin and bay leaf, is vacuum-packed inside the elegant black and silver Upstream box.


For proper preservation during transport, the salmon whisker is packed in isothermal polystyrene containers together with ice gel with  a special food packaging film.


Fresh product, preservatives free, to be kept in the refrigerator at a temperature between 2 and 4 °C.
Expires in 30 days.


In the Queen salmon side the flavours of fillet, classic and ventresca meet. The first part, softer and more velvety, is perfect to be tasted naturally, or with a little butter and pepper, or on toasted bread. The classic rear cut is excellent in tartare, enhanced by a few drops of peat whisky, pepper and a hint of grated ginger. The belly, that is the lower part of the side, should be served in small slices.

For gourmet preparations, follow the chef's suggestions in the Upstream recipe book.

Salmon side

The Queen differs from the others only in size; it represents the perfect combination of flavours between the sweetness of the fillet, the savouriness of the belly and the smoky aroma of the classic rear cut.

The  Queen  side is the whole half of the fish, deprived of head, tail, fishbone and thorns during the cleaning operations. In this cut different intensities of taste are encountered, depending on the natural conformation of the salmon,d the marinating and smoking processes, following the unique Upstream specification. For marinating, small quantities of sea salt and sugar are used in alternation; for smoking, beech from the Emilian Apennines is used to ensure its delicacy.This unique way of carrying out these  two operations contributes to giving this salmon side an incomparable taste.

Every part of the side is delicate and refined, preserving the natural goodness and lightness that we find in all the cuts of the line dedicated to smoked salmon. The salmon side has very little fat.

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