Smoked salmon in Parma

There is no noticeable difference in quality between Upstream and wild salmon. Professor Giovanni Ballarini explains this in an interview about Parma, the city of the 5 P's.

Eating smoked salmon: why try Upstream?

Upstream is Claudio Cerati's alternative for those who are dissatisfied with the increasingly standardised tastes of smoked salmon and wish to rediscover the authentic flavour of excellence.

Evolutions and variations of the divine salmon

This new Upstream book is more than a collection of recipes: it is a collection of stories of friendship and Italian creativity in the kitchen that came together thanks to the unique taste of Upstream salmon.

Upstream smoked salmon for high profile sushi

Japanese cuisine may be closer to Parma than you think. You only have to move against the current to discover that Upstream salmon has already gained its acclaim among tables and important personalities.