Upstream salmon aroma

Smoking is a treatment, not an ingredient: our smoking process originates in Parma and this is where its special character comes from.

Smoked salmon at Christmas

With very high and distinctive quality, let's indulge in the taste of excellence: let's bring Upstream smoked salmon to the table at Christmas.

White salmon pink salmon

We can debate about salmon talking about flavour, smoking, healthiness, if it is better wild or farmed. With Prof. Ballarini we also talked about colour.

Smoked salmon in Parma

There is no noticeable difference in quality between Upstream and wild salmon. Professor Giovanni Ballarini explains this in an interview about Parma, the city of the 5 P's.

Eating smoked salmon: why try Upstream?

Upstream is Claudio Cerati's alternative for those who are dissatisfied with the increasingly standardised tastes of smoked salmon and wish to rediscover the authentic flavour of excellence.