Upstream gift packs, valuable gift ideas

Different taste paths, joined by an exclusive gift idea: with our packages, we are offering the excellence of Upstream salmon in all its nuances.

The gift has a recurring value in our history, it is one of the reasons for our salmon. The beauty of creating something unique makes it worth sharing .

Upstream smoked salmon retains this special twist in our gift packs. Original ideas for those who attribute a different meaning to gift-giving and which offer the perfect combination of incomparable quality and upstream spirit through an experience of the senses that goes beyond the ordinary.

With Upstream Gift boxes, our salmon gives access to paths of taste, design and elegance allowing unparalleled pleasure. The intention is to give something more than just an ordinary tasting, something unique that transcends the moment: with an Upstream gift box, the experience starts with the surprising, impeccable presentation, culminating in the tasting of extraordinary goodness, and remains in the memory of the sensations experienced. 

The centrepiece of each package is Claudio Cerati's soft, elegant and very light salmon, presented in even more exquisite packaging, combined with accessories and drinks that match its incomparable nature.

Gold Edition: the premium packs

Pure, regal, precious, nothing could represent the special selection of Upstream Gold Edition packs better than gold. A similarity that we see in the box, as shiny and exclusive as an ingot, and that we feel in the Heart fillet, the firmest and most velvety part of our smoked salmon. 

Each Gold Edition gift box contains the Upstream Heart Fillet in different formats and choices. The latest additions offer even more.

Gold Edition Adamas

It is a triumph of superior quality: the Gold Edition Heart Fillet joins another Italian excellence. In the Adamas Gold Edition pack we have 2 x 125g hearts fillet alongside the exclusive traditional Russian Black Adamas caviar. 

Gold Edition Plus

To taste and browse, in the Gold Edition Plus we include with our 250g Heart  Fillet the new book “Evolutions and variations of the divine salmon”, with tips and stories from our chef friends, a source of inspiration for preparing Upstream salmon in  creative ways. 

Packages with all the nuances of Upstream salmon

The range of flavours gets richer in the Three-in-One, Three-in-One Plus, Five-in-One - Variations and Taste journey Packs with all the nuances of Upstream salmon.

The most comprehensive is the Taste Journey, an invitation to explore the whole world of Upstream salmon.

In this package you can find the different cuts in the smallest sizes, the wooden plate, the forged stainless steel knife and the Upstream book. The Taste Journey is the gift package to explore the unique aromas, flavours and sensations, from preparation to serving and, of course, tasting.

The Upstream salmon side in the Royal e King packages

Some of our gift packs are focused on the salmon side. That' s because this is our flagship product, the first and authentic expression of Upstream smoked salmon, the only cut in which different textures, flavours and aromas are brought together

In the salmon side we bring three flavours together and with the Royal Selection gift boxes we recommend to match them with the right glass of wine or champagne, serve them with our smoked oil, slice them with the perfect knife and serve them on our exclusive cutting board. The salmon side included is the 1 kg Royal. 

Particularly impressive for lovers of quality food and wine is the Royal Selection 01, with a 1 kg side and a choice of bottle from our high-profile offerings.

Emotions rise with the King Box, a classy presentation starring our 2 kg side, obtained from the largest fish. It comes with a forged stainless steel knife and a large wooden cutting board.

A special gift note

In the beginning it is the thought that supports the choice, then it is the completion of the package: too precious to be one amongst many, the card to accompany the gift is our treat and maintains our exclusive touch.

Perfectly in line with the gift packaging, it preserves the style and is customisable in text and character, before finalising the order.

It is not simply a card, it is the Upstream gift card, our uncompromising touch. 

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