Gold Edition 250 g and Caviar

The heart fillet and the caviar

Heart of fillet Gold Edition is obtained from the finest meats processed according to Claudio Cerati's recipe, to be accompanied by the special selection of Malossol caviar, made by Adamas for Upstream, with a very fine and almost buttery taste. The Gold Edition 250 and Caviar package is a unique combination, and is the expression of two all-Italian excellences.

This pack contains:
1 Heart fillet 250 g
Caviar 100 g

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The Gold Edition 250 and Caviar consists of a 250 g heart of fillet in a skinless vacuum-packed bag and a 100 g box of caviar, packed in the prestigious Upstream gold box.


For proper preservation during transport, the package is placed in isothermal polystyrene containers together with gel ice and with a special packaging film for food products.

Italian excellence

The Gold Edition 250 and Caviar is the exclusive combination of the best Upstream heart of fillet and the prized caviar selected by Claudio Cerati, both handmade and ideal to enjoy au naturel to feel the common buttery texture. A special package, a supreme flavour.

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