Salmon Tartare and Salmon Fillet: two tastes of the same goodness

Smoked salmon has different flavor nuances, depending on the cut. Let's discover those of the Tartare and the Upstream fillet.

Savouriness, sweetness, smokiness: the taste of Upstream smoked salmon has organoleptic characteristics that are more or less pronounced depending on the cut, but which are always perfectly embodied in the natural goodness of our salmon and the soft texture of its meat.

There is something for everyone's palate, and especially for those who aspire to a flavour that is neither common nor obvious

Upstream salmon, we remind you, live offshore in the Faroe Islands, where they enjoy freedom of movement and a healthy, controlled diet. And we also like to remember how we process the meat: with manual marinating according to Claudio Cerati's recipe, which calls for alternating sea salt and sugar, and with delicate smoking using beech wood from the Parma Apennines. 

The result is a recognizable and distinctive flavour, not comparable to that of large-scale retail salmon. Our smoked salmon has a completely different character and is stored in our elegant black and silver boxes.   

Let's open some of them, the Salmon Tartare and the Fillet.

Smoked Salmon Tartare

Completeness of taste, perfect harmony between flavour, sweetness and smoking: the Salmon Tartare contains all the flavours of the fish. 

It is obtained, in fact, from the whole half of the fish which, finely cut with a special knife, gives origin to small, soft and delicious pieces. Very high quality and delicacy are the prerogatives of a respectable tartare; then add the advantage of having a ready-made preparation, very versatile and easy to use as the main ingredient of quick dishes such as salads.

We also suggest to taste it with a drop of peat whisky and a grating of fresh ginger or with tropical fruits. 

Delicious, moreover, is the idea of Maragoncello restaurant where our smoked salmon tartare is the protagonist of a first course: Egg noodles, sweet onion cream, umeboshi and Upstream salmon. 

The recipe is part of the exclusive preparations created by our chef friends and described in the book Upstream Evolutions and variations of the divine salmon.

The salmon tartare is also included in Five-in-One - "Variations", a package dedicated to those who want to savor all the different tastes and textures of our smoked salmon. Five cuts to accompany the senses in the discovery of different and new nuances, a rich and incomparable taste experience, precious as a gift idea. 

The Smoked Salmon Fillet

Soft, sweet and velvety texture, with hints of fresh butter: the Salmon Fillet comes from the central part of the fillet, halfway between the Heart and the Belly.. The origins of the cut perfectly combine sweetness and flavour in a perfect taste as it is, au naturel; this is the ideal way to enjoy the richness of the fillet, cut into small slices and accompanied by a glass of good wine or craft beer.  

The Upstream fillet satisfies the desire to have a delicious cut of salmon to enjoy in all its natural goodness.

With our salmon fillet, Antica Osteria dei Camelì has created Salmon "upstream", tuna sauce, panzanella with whisky, an unexceptionable preparation with its combination of flavours and which finds an excellent affinity with a glass of well-structured Franciacorta Rosé. 

The recipe is also part of the book Upstream, in which Italian creativity in the kitchen perfectly embraces the exclusive taste of our smoked salmon.


Salmon tartare and fillet are just two of the Upstream flavours; to discover how to taste and serve all our cuts you can read Upstream Tasting: how to serve and eat smoked salmon.

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