The smoked salmon as a present: the news from Upstream

A special format and many ideas to make our smoked salmon a perfect gift.

Upstream introduces you to aiddtional smoked salmon experiences: our catalogue has been enriched with new paths, more opportunities to be involved in the discovery of unconventional flavours and aromas, and the pleasure of presenting such an experience as a gift.

A special format and gift packs that invite you to choose a unique and unrepeatable smoked salmon. Our salmon is the result of Claudio Cerati's unconventional dream which, after years of experimentation, has become reality with intuition, an innovative spirit and a claim to perfection in the Non Intensive Control System: learn more about it in the article It is neither wild nor farmed, it is the Upstream smoked salmon.  

Exceptional lightness, soft texture, natural and delicate taste, the scent of beechwood smoking from the Parma Apennines: we have brought all the qualities of Upstream salmon in a new format and kept them in the Royal and Mappe del Gusto packages, with some slight variations that broaden and refine the choice of a perfect gift.

Up.5: Tranches of smoked salmon

Tranches of smoked salmon

Five tranches of smoked salmon to indulge in an explosion of flavours that evolves over time. Up.5 is the special 80 g format, a package in which the portions are proposed with a precise thickness to offer the palate a true taste experience. The taste is captivating, delighting with the sweetness and softness of the meat and conquering with the delicate smoky aroma, a peculiarity of Upstream smoked salmon.

To complete the look is, as always, our black and silver box, a renewed, elegant packaging that matches its contents.

Royals 'choices

Royal Selection 02

The Royal packages  combine taste and elegance in a range rich in Upstream nuances. Inside, in fact, the protagonist is the 1 kg smoked salmon side, the perfect cut to enjoy all the flavours of our salmon, from the sweetness of the fillet to the flavour of the belly to the smoky aroma of the classic back cut.

In the Royal Package the side comes with a wooden cutting board and a stainless steel knife. A simple but essential proposal to prepare and serve our smoked salmon at its best. The cutting board, made of heat-treated ash wood and personalized with the Upstream logo, releases a delicate toasted aroma; the knife, with a long and thin blade, allows you to cut the meat accurately, preserving its tenderness.

Designed to pay tribute to the most demanding palates, Royal Selection 01 is instead the Upstream gift box with a 1 kg salmon side and a bottle. The latter is to be chosen among the Upstream proposals, selected to perfectly enhance the organoleptic profile of our smoked salmon; champagne, white wines and even spirits to give a different , but undoubtedly refined, taste experience.  

We truly loved the idea of accompanying Upstream smoked salmon with a good glass, to the point that we renewed Royal Selection 02 and 03 by adding to both the bottle. But that’s not all. 

Royal Selection 02 puts together the Royal Package and Royal Selection 01. Inside the package, in fact, we have the 1 kg salmon side and the accessories for the service (the wooden cutting board and the Upstream stainless steel knife) with the bottle of your choice.  

Royal Selection 03, instead, is the richest one, a combination of Italian excellences to be matched with equally remarkable wines. It contains the 250 g Gold Edition, that is the tender Upstream heart fillet presented as an ingot, a special selection of Upstream caviar and the bottle of your choice, among champagne, white wines and spirits. Royal Selection 03 gives you the luxury of indulging in incomparable flavours, wrapped up in specially designed packaging. 

Each Royal package, in fact, is housed in an isothermal box with an ice compartment; not only is this thought impeccably presented, but it is also perfectly practical for storing the smoked salmon during transport.  

The Taste Map: three opportunities to explore Upstream flavours

Taste Map 03

The Taste Map was created out of a desire to offer a comprehensive journey within Upstream. From the first Taste Map, we move on to  three outstanding packages, three memorable experiences with our flavours. 

We have Taste Map 01, a journey consisting of the various cuts of Upstream smoked salmon in the smallest format along with our book Evolutions and Variations of the Divine Salmon, featuring exclusive recipes from our chefs.

Taste Map 02, on the other hand, includes different cuts of our smoked salmon, the book and the precious Upstream caviar. 

And, finally, Taste Map 03, the most luxurious journey into our world. Inside, in fact, we have a variety of cuts of Upstream salmon, including the precious Gold Edition heart fillet, Upstream caviar and the book.

Details count

The card Upstream

The importance to details inspires our free spirit. Just as our smoked salmon reaches perfection thanks to such attention, the thought of giving it as a gift also acquires its own value thanks to details, such as our card.

With the exclusive Upstream style, the card to accompany the gift is customizable in text and font, printed on premium paper and inserted inside our elegant envelope, black with silver branding. Choose it before finalizing your order.

Moreover, with these packages, you have the opportunity to bring forward the gifts: You can purchase them now, but receive them even later, postponing the shipment to the date you prefer.

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