Salmon in the summer, such as it is, naturally Upstream

Light and practical, some cuts of our smoked salmon are particularly suitable for consumption during the summer season. Plus they provide the best tastings in their natural state.

There are several ways to savour smoked salmon. When faced with lean, healthy meat, perfect texture and delicacy, the best tasting is the simplest, au naturel  to fully enjoy all the properties of the fresh food.

The credit for these characteristics goes to the “lifestyle” of Upstream salmon and the processing techniques used; our smoking, for example, is gentle and designed only to enhance the goodness of the fish without altering its properties or nutritional values.

One can easily understand how such authenticity is inviting in the summer too: perfect for fresh preparations, smoked salmon provides refreshment on hot days with an ideal mix of nutrients and taste.

Each small slice, soft and velvety, contains a genuine goodness that has abandoned its typically winter connotation to express itself in summer's light combinations, with great versatility. Few ingredients for tasty and easy-to-prepare dishes, or even none at all, to enjoy it as it is: our salmon requires no additions, it is great even au naturel, some how as per Upstream's logic of "leaving things in their place"

In this regard, a quick aside on a concept we hold dear: the relaxation of the fish

Any organism contracts during discomfort or difficulty and expands during well-being, relaxing. Two key determinant actions, corresponding to precise and opposite moments, two movements essential to life; our processes lead to a relaxed salmon, because we  always aim for the natural wellbeing of the fish. 

Joined in the direction of salmon, upstream and uncompromising, we get our goodness. Let's taste it as it is, in tranches to cook or even ready-made.

Tranches of smoked salmon 

Trancetti di salmone Upstream

To perfectly cut smoked salmon into slices, it is necessary to use a blade with accurate cutting qualities to ensure a clean cut without altering the texture of the meat. 

The Upstream forged stainless steel knife ensures these characteristics, allowing a professional slicing of our delicate salmon.

The most suitable cut for obtaining slices to enjoy au naturel is the smoked salmon fillet, the middle part of the side. With perfect balance between savoriness and sweetness, the fillet delivers delicate tastes of a light, good, authentic flavour, thanks to two special stages of our processing, marinating and smoking.

Both conceived to enhance and not to cover, made with care and according to precise specifications: we marinate the salmon with little salt and sugar alternately, we smoke it with beech wood from the Parma Apennines, lightly. 

And then there is practicality, the perfect ally of leisurely moments.

For those who already want the slices on hand, ready to enjoy, the UP.5 is our pack with 5 slices designed to deliver Upstream goodness through a fast consumption option, a feature thanks to which the UP.5 pack was elected a product innovation at Cibus 2022. 

A good glass of wine or a craft beer completes the au naturel tasting, a direct experience with the most authentic expression of Upstream salmon.

Smoked salmon tartare

Tartare di salmone Upstream

To highlight the freshness and properties of smoked salmon with original combinations, however, an alternative to slices is tartare, with which to make exclusive dishes quickly and easily.

In fact, Upstream salmon tartare comes in small, finely knife-cut pieces from the side, from which it retains every flavour. It can be used as the main ingredient in delicious salads, but also accompanied by a drop of peat whiskey and a little grated ginger, as well as tropical fruit.


For more tips and inspiration on how to prepare and enjoy our smoked salmon, there is the book Upstream Evolutions and Variations of the Divine Salmon.

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Upstream salmon for summer

UP.5, tranches of smoked salmon

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