Upstream smoked salmon for high profile sushi

Japanese cuisine may be closer to Parma than you think. You only have to move against the current to discover that Upstream salmon has already gained its acclaim among tables and important personalities.

Salmon is among the most popular ingredients in sushi and other raw fish dishes typical of Japanese cuisine where the quality of the raw material is everything. Thanks to the characteristics of the fish, its preparation, the extreme softness and delicacy of the meat, Upstream smoked salmon is meant to be tasted naturally and therefore suitable for the production of salmon sushi with a high taste profile.

Upstream salmons are bred in clean open seas, in Denmark's Faroe Islands, where veterinary regulations are among the strictest in the world. They are bred according to the Non Intensive Control System, a method that allows fish to live a healthy, relaxed life, following a balanced and natural diet, GMOs and antibiotics free. In Upstream salmon we only sensethe taste of the meat, poor in fat and rich in Omega-3. A supreme delicacy enhanced by marinating with little salt and sugar and smoking with beech from the Emilian Apennines - exclusive traits that stand out in a level of cuisine with refined sushi dishes.

Salmon for sushi: which cuts to choose

Through the side we can focus on the fillet and the heart fillet. For sushi, the salmon fillet is an ideal and valuable cut obtained from the central part of the salmon, as well as a meeting point between the heart fillet and the belly. It is soft, sweet, slightly smoked; the perfect salmon also for sashimi. Just like the heart: precious, even more elegant and delicious. 

Let's move on to the belly: a cut never thought of before,  placed in the lower part of the side. This is where we can taste the sea with a smoother savoury note able to give a strong touch to the preparation of sushi with smoked salmon.

And why not choose the tartare? It contains all the flavours of the side, ready to be enjoyed. It is finely cut with a knife but preserves intact texture and sensations. And for a gourmet delicacy, sushi can also be made with eggs: Upstream salmon caviar has an intense but not overly savoury marine taste.

For the catering industry not only smoked salmon

In addition to smoked salmon, the 'Puro' Upstream line is reserved to restaurants: raw salmon, without marinating or smoking. It is hand filleted and blast chilled   to -80°C for absolute freshness and total safety when used raw. Puro is the only raw material in the chef's hands coming from a top quality supply chain. (For the sale of salmon to restaurants you can contact us directly).

Words from the World

Some time ago, during an edition of Taste show in Florence, Oya Akio, a Japanese journalist passionate and specialized in Italian culture, stopped by. He seemed curious, he asked questions, he was amazed by the history and our unique production method; he tasted it:

"Among the producers of raw ham, fresh cheese and wine lined up in a row, there was a smoked salmon stand. While i was filming the demonstrator slicing the products, I was invited to try it. It was delicious, with a soft, thick texture. A smiling gentleman asked me, "What is it like?" - it was Claudio Cerati - "this salmon got here  on Monday," he said.  “The brand name is Upstream..."

We are very happy with testimonials like this one that can tantalize the multidirectional nature of Upstream; we like to take up the opportunities that cooking can offer to merge cultures and rethink distances. Especially when the common ingredient is excellence.

To read the full article by Oya Akio:

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A cut with an intense marine flavour

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