Smoked Salmon & Avocado: Better Together!

Upstream smoked salmon and avocado meet them halfway, word of haute cuisine. Here all the whys of this astonishing lovestory.

As we all know, the high-quality and finest smoked salmon deserves to be tasted as it is, simply. There are a few of interesting combinations, though, that mix perfectly together from a nutritional point of view. Among the buffs, the smoked salmon and avocado combination results to be the winner couple.

We suggested many times to combine our salmon with tropical fruit, and you can get a creative result using our tartare, for instance. In this way you can get an original and nourishing dish, and at the same time it’s so easy to prepare! Our chefs, too, chose avocado as ingredient for several recipe inspired by Upstream smoked salmon.

Before being totally inspired by our book Evoluzioni e variazioni del divino salmone, here is a brief aside about a passion which is not only delicious, but also healthy.


Qualità del salmone affumicato Upstream

There are a lot of information about smoked salmon nutritional facts. Let’s see some… Salmon contains proteins, vitamins, omega-3 fatty acid, which are healthy fats essential for our body -of which smoked salmon is rich. These fats are the same as avocado’s, a tropical fruit extremely energizing.

Our smoked salmon characteristics derive from the high-quality Upstream control system, that finds its roots in the sea, and continues during harvest, processing and packaging. Every phase aim is to preserve the natural salmon taste, without using preservatives or added aromas. Only traditional marinating with little sea salt and sugar in separated phases, and a gentle smoking with beech wood from the Appenines only.

A delicacy that matches perfectly with the exotic flavour, without forgetting the soft and creamy texture of each of them. It’s possible to contrast these two similar products, adding other ingredients, as some of our chef friends did in their recipes.

Tasty Salads and Poke with Upstream Salmon

Ricette gourmet con salmone Upstream e avocado

Among the most interesting creation using smoked salmon and avocado, salads really stand out. Fresh, coloured, original and tasteful, they are a complete and exclusive dish, and, why not? Perfect for special occasion. Like the one proposed by Pino Banana restaurant, which chooses Gold Edition fillet salmon and combines it with a rich exotic salad, adding our salmon roes.

Gold Edition is a precious selection of the softest and finest Upstream salmon fillet. Salmon roes give, instead, a true explosion of marine flavours. Two extraordinary flavours that go hand in hand with the exotic in the recipe Upstream Gold Salmon Fillet with Exotic Salad.

Instead, So Rivà Bistrot chooses the belly for its Upstream Smoked Salmon Poke Bowl: a trendy, fresh and complete proposal, to combine with an easy-drinking, light and not bitter beer.

Salmon belly is one of the most unusual Upstream cut. With savoury flavour and soft texture, it provides with a pleasant marine notes. In this creation there are also some unique ingredients, such as quinoa, ginger and avocado, of course.


For a complete experience in the Upstream world flavours, our sides are definitely the best option.

Indeed, in each salmon side you experience the whole nuances of salmon flavours due to the natural conformation of the fish. You can taste them on their own or all together, cutting the sides into tartare, one of the best ways if you want to try it with avocado.

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