Upstream Accolades, Events and Novelties at Cibus 2022

We brought our idea of gastronomic creativity to the International Food Exhibition. Here we tell you how it went.

This is the most significant appointment with Italian agribusiness, and we couldn't miss it: from May 3 to 6, 2022, we were at Cibus, International Food Exhibition. This edition was shaping up to be a special one, both for the very large attendance and for the important innovations. 

Moreover, we had the pleasure of being in our own Parma, a tourist destination of excellence for food. Cibus has always welcomed creative elaborations based on the ancient history of Italian food savoir-faire, and Parma was the first in Italy to obtain UNESCO recognition as a Creative City of Gastronomy.

Innovation was also a key plank of the 2022 edition, which again featured the "Cibus Innovation Corner". And Upstream salmon had the privilege of being part of it.

Salmon tranches elected as the product novelty of 2022

The Innovation Corner is the exhibition area dedicated to novelties, a special section of the show to which the 100 best cutting-edge products have access.

They were selected, among all the references present at Cibus, by a technical jury coordinated by Food Editore: the experts chose UP.5, our package with five tranches of Upstream smoked salmon

Trancetti di salmone affumicato Upstream

Up.5 was designated as a product novelty due to the combination of the high quality of the raw material and the more practical and faster way of consumption. With the tranches, in fact, the restaurateur can prepare a dish in a few moments, while the consumer can count on an alternative snack break, with a healthy and tasty food even when out of home. The balanced quantity and thickness of the five tranches allow to capture all the aromas and flavors of Upstream smoked salmon, which also find their highest expression and enhancement in this cut.

With chefs Paco Zanobini and Elena Minari at the in-contro Lounge

Always at the service of haute cuisine, our salmon played a starring role also at Cibus 2022's temporary restaurant, in-contro Lounge, curated by Paco Zanobini and Elena Minari. The two chefs created a series of proposals with the best delicacies of the show-with us also other Italian gastronomic excellences-that delighted visitors throughout the event.

The menus also included In-Upstream, in which our smoked salmon and raw materials of the highest quality resulted in exclusive preparations, paired with equally valuable sips. On the subject of gastronomic creativity, really interesting was the in-unusual Upstream smoked salmon ice cream, Adamas caviar and gold powder, together with a glass of "Gemma Gentile" Malvasia Aromatica di Candia "Tenute Venturini e Foschi," an extraordinary still malvasia produced on the Parma Hills, characterized by a very aromatic and mineral bouquet and a slightly sweetened flavor that goes very well with both products.

Finally, the events on May 3 and 4, two special evenings with specific proposals. 

On Tuesday, May 3, Upstream salmon was the focus of the in-purity Lounge menu and show-cooking on sushi preparation with chef Rui Inagawa.

On Wednesday, May 4, we were paired with a name close to our hearts, Adamas. With excellent caviar and other Italian specialties, including wines, we were part of the in-countercurrent Lounge menu created by the chefs for the evening.

Premiering at Cibus was Upstream cured salmon

Salmone stagionato Upstream

And finally, the latest addition to Upstream, the new cured salmon! 

A real salmon salami produced in our territory, according to the pork tradition of Emilia.

What better occasion to introduce it? We brought it to Cibus and had it tasted even by expert palates such as those of chefs Gennaro Esposito and Isa Mazzocchi.

Claudio Cerati, Gennaro Esposito, Isa Mazzocchi

The cured salmon comes, as always, from the characteristic and countercultural doing that distinguishes Upstream.

For now, a preview, but we'll talk about it soon...

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Up.5, a product novelty of 2022

UP.5, tranches of smoked salmon

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