Salmon eggs 50 g

Sea pearls for an explosion of flavour

The salmon eggs surprise in tasting with an explosion of intense flavors of seawater. A salmon caviar of the highest quality, which stands out for its particular size and calibre and its soft membrane.

Weight: 50 g

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Pasteurized salmon eggs.


The salmon eggs are in glass jars, inside the elegant black and silver Upstream box.


For proper preservation during transport, salmon eggs are placed in isothermal polystyrene containers together with ice gel with special packaging film for food products.


Fresh product, without preservatives, to be kept in the refrigerator at a temperature between 2 and 4 °C.


Salmon eggs are excellent eaten naturally on a toasted crouton or added to a risotto during the cooking process. The sunny colour also makes this caviar a perfect garnish for amuse-bouche and fish dishes.

For gourmet preparations, follow the chef's suggestions in the Upstream recipe book.

Salmon eggs

Salmon eggs have a sunny red colour and a strong aroma; on the palate they release an equally intense flavour, clearly reminiscent of marine eggs.

It is a pasteurized product, which does not undergo ionization during production, with a low dosage of salt compared to others on the market; the savoury taste is not excessive.

Salmon caviar is also particularly appreciated for its nutritional properties as it is rich in omega 3 fatty acids.

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