Evolutions and variations
of the divine salmon.
The taste of Claudio Cerati.

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A wonderful gift

A perfect harmony of taste and design, Upstream gift packs enhance the unique flavour of salmon with exclusive combinations and impeccable presentation.

The gift that combines taste and design

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Uncomparable - Upstream

Claudio Cerati's fine salmon

From Parma to the wild nature of the Faeroe Islands the step is not so short, but it is the passion that has brought us all the way to produce our salmon. We raise it in cold, clean water, without stress and artifice. Fresh, sweetly marinated according to the Upstream recipe and smoked with beech wood from the Emilian Apennines.
That's why it's unique in the world.

Smoked salmon Upstream for the gourmet

Smoked salmon

Gift boxes Upstream for all

Gift boxes

Salmon eggs Upstream for the gourmet

Salmon eggs

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Claudio Cerati

It all started with the rediscovery of a taste that hadn't been there for a long time, an excellent salmon eaten one evening in a restaurant. It was really hard to find good ones like that, so instead of looking for it, he started making it.

So there came uptream
Claudio Cerati